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Kerze 8

Eine Kerze für Dr. Sheldon F. Katz

Geboren am 09.02.1925 in Hartford, Connecticut
Gestorben am 21.05.2017 in NY
Am 26.08.2017 um 20:40 Uhr
wurde von eine Kerze entzündet.
25.5 things you may not know about Sheldon Katz by his buddy Pinchas Eliyahu

One: Sheldon is a movie star. He starred in many popular movies from the 1950's to the 1970's. He was Jewish Lucky in the Academy Award winning film The French Connection (1971) with Gene Hackman. Sheldon was in the original version of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
(1974). He also appeared in The Panic In Needle Park (1 971) with Al Pacino (It was Pacino’ s second film appearance and Sheldon met Pacino before he became a superstar). He also starred with Sophia Loren in That Kind of Woman (1959) and with Martin Balsam and Lee Grant in Middle of the Night (1959).

Two: Sheldon is a television star. He was a regular on many live 1950's and 1960's television shows like the classic Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows. On his first live television appearance Sheldon actually beat someone to death with a baseball bat – it was a hilarious comedy sketch and no one actually got hurt. He was also on Studio One, Climax and the Robert Montgomery Playhouse.

Three: Sheldon once jumped out of a plane. During World War II he was in the Air Force. Once, as a navigator on a training mission, the plane suddenly developed mechanical problems and the crew was forced to quickly jump out. Sheldon was praying to God right up until the moment his parachute opened up. Later he said he was glad that the guy who folded the parachutes that morning was sober and did a good job.

Four: Sheldon is still a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, which is the union for actors. However back in the 50's, 60's and 70's his stage name was Kip Gaylor. He met many popular stars such as Sidney Lumet, Elizabeth Montgomery, Julie Harris, Tony Randall and Ira Wallack.

Five: Sheldon was born in Hartford, Connecticut on Tu B'Shevat in 1925. He first came to China 18 years ago - when he was 72 years young! Long before he lived in Shanghai, Sheldon lived in Chengdu. If there is a Chinese Tony Bennett who sings, “I Left My Heart in Chengdu,” he may be singing it for Sheldon. When the Pudong Jewish Community started in the summer of 2006, Sheldon was one of the frequent early congregants of Rabbi Abraham and Nechamie Greenberg's Friday night Shabbat services.

Six: Sheldon attended New York University and has a PhD in education from Columbia University. He was an English teacher in the East Ramapo School District in Rockland County, New York.

Seven: Sheldon took a photograph with starlet Sophia Loren and her baby. They were on set together and everyone was instructed not to bother Ms. Loren and her baby – but that didn't stop Sheldon. He charmed Ms. Loren and asked if he could have his photo taken with her and her baby and she graciously accommodated his request.

Eight: Sheldon shook hands with starlet Marilyn Monroe – and since then he hasn't washed his hands.

Nine: Sheldon is a scholar and a poet. He has written several textbooks on the proper use of English and a few books of poetry.

Ten: Sheldon is a vegetarian. He may have originated the joke, “I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a vegetarian because I hate vegetables!” When he was young Sheldon was told if he ate carrots he would never need glasses - his brother and sister took the advice and wear glasses. Sheldon avoided carrots and never needed glasses.

Eleven: Sheldon is a regular at Haya's Mediterranean Cafe. He makes a weekly Sunday visit and usually orders pumpkin soup, an omelet, a bagel with Haya's special cheese, lox and olive oil.

Twelve: Sheldon has a son Marco who lives in Canada and is an accomplished trombonist. He son and his daughter-in-law have a daughter – making Sheldon a proud grandfather.

Thirteen: Sheldon is the face of JC to millions of Americans. Sheldon and his wife once spent the entire night in the hospital with his son Marco, who was extremely ill. In the morning, when his son was out of danger, the doctor's gave Sheldon the okay to leave. That day he had a model shoot in which he was scheduled to appear as a soldier. The photographer took one look at a tired and bedraggled Sheldon and suggested a different role. Sheldon ended up as JC on the cover of the classic paperback edition of the controversial novel The Nazarene (1939) by Sholem Asch.

Fourteen: Roberta Flack once sang an entire concert to Sheldon. After her concert Sheldon went backstage and met Ms. Flack and told her he knew a secret – that she was singing her songs only to him! She told him he was one 100% correct – she was singing just to him.

Fifteen: Sheldon lived in Paris. He met Jean Paul Sartre and saw his play entitled, “Le Diable et Le Bon Dieu.” While in Paris he acted in a play produced and directed by Orsen Welles.

Sixteen: Sheldon's favorite color is Royal Blue.

Seventeen: Sheldon is a real mensch. In addition to being a mentor to many young Chinese people he is a mentor and dear friend to me and my three children. He often epitomizes the saying from Pirke Avos, “In a place where there are no men, be a mensch!”

Eighteen: Sheldon has a great sense of humor. In fact, you might call it a wicked sense of humor. He knows the best humor is self deprecating humor and that timing is everything. L'Chaim Sheldon!

Nineteen: Sheldon once attended a party by Alice B. Toklas and actually ate an Alice B. Toklas brownie, “a mixture of fruit, nuts, spices, and cannabis (marijuana).

Twenty: Sheldon used to live in Monsey, New York. In fact Sheldon, Me, the Shotzer Rebbe of Ashdod David Moskowitz and Ari Lauber all lived practically on the same street near Blueberry Hill. However, we were separated by time and never actually knew each other until we all met in Shanghai.

Twenty-One: Sheldon may be the all time record holder for aliyahs or getting called up to read the Torah at the Shanghai Jewish Center. Because he is often the only Kohain present, he typically gets called up first on Shabbat.

Twenty-Two: Sheldon and his wife were very good friends with comedy duo Stiller and Meara (Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara). Before they gave birth to their son, comic genius and popular movie Ben Stiller, they often babysat for Sheldon's son Marco.

Twenty-Three: When Sheldon was a young man he liked to play the drums.

Twenty-four: Sheldon is proficient in Tai Chi and has mastered the Sword forms.

Twenty-Five: Sheldon is a kind and humble person. For over one year he has told the Rabbi Raizell Bas Brucha Malka's name after the weekly Shabbat Torah reading so that HaShem may grant her a quick and speedy recovery. What makes this even more remarkable is that Sheldon never actually met Raizy in person.

25.5: The F in Sheldon F Katz stands for that and just that – the letter F.
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Eine Kerze für Dr. Sheldon F. Katz

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